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Part-Time Juvenile Justice Coordinator

Girls in the Game’s Juvenile Justice Program is a collaborative initiative between Girls in the Game and the Cook County JTDC. The program not only provides consistent programming to girls while they reside in the facility, but aims to successfully transition them into existing Girls in the Game programs upon release, providing ongoing support during the transition. The JTDC Programming occurs inside the facility, under supervision by JTDC and Girls in the Game staff. The program takes place twice a week for about 2 hours per session and runs year-round.

As they participate in the program, girls become familiar with Girls in the Game and have the opportunity to decide on the sports, health, and leadership components of programming. Providing participants with opportunities to exercise choice and autonomy instills a sense of ownership and pride in the program, helping to reinforce the lessons learned throughout. Programming allows girls to connect with their peers and engage in a healthy, judgement-free conversation.

Girls in the Game is seeking a part-time Juvenile Justice Coordinator to do the following:

  • Work in collaboration with JTDC staff to integrate program into facility
  • Act as the main contact for the JTDC program
  • Serve as the head “Coach” at programming sessions held twice per week
  • Assist in hiring and supporting up to two “Co-Coaches”
  • Explain the program to staff, partners, donors, and others
  • Develop leadership opportunities for girls within program implementation and support girls in taking on those leadership roles
  • Communicate and develop positive relationships with residents, staff, and family members
  • Plan sessions using Girls in the Game curriculum and create new activities in response to resident feedback
  • Record enrollment and attendance
  • Manage necessary equipment and supplies
  • Facilitate transitions between the JTDC program and other existing Girls in the Game opportunities
  • Provide assistance to girls to make their transition from JTDC successful
  • Assist the Teen Programs Manager with program evaluation
  • Act as main event planner, delegating roles to co-coach(es) as needed. Events include: Friends & Family Days, Leader-to-Leader Interviews, and special workshops with external partners
  • Represent Girls in the Game at various professional development opportunities
  • Attend additional events as needed (such as JTDC’s Talent Shows)

If you are interesting in applying, please download the full Part-Time Juvenile Justice Coordinator job description and application instructions.