There are many ways you can join our team. From career opportunities to internships to one-time and ongoing volunteer opportunities, we’d love for you to get in the game. Be sure to check our website regularly for updated opportunities.

Part Time NEIU University Coordinator (for NEIU Graduate Students or NEIU Alumni only)

The NEIU University Coordinator will be the point of contact for a partnership with NEIU. The coordinator will work with university faculty, students, and volunteers to implement the Girls in the Game After School program at five sites in the community serving elementary and middle school girls. Programming follows a set curriculum and each program day covers sports and fitness, health and nutrition, and leadership development. Each session lasts 1.5 – 2 hours and serves 25 girls.

An ideal candidate is able to commit to a full school year with the possibility of renewal for another year. In the summer, if available, the coordinator will complete an intensive training on how to implement the After School program and focus on site set-up, scheduling and coach recruitment. During the fall, winter and spring, the coordinator will manage relationships with five program sites and Girls in the Game Coaches leading programming at those sites. During programming seasons, a total of 20-24 weeks during the school year, the coordinator is expected to work an average of 20 hours a week including afternoon availability three weekdays.

The NEIU University Coordinator will be the main contact for five service sites. This involves maintaining service sites, recruiting participants from area schools, communicating with parents and guardians and site contacts, recruiting university students to coach at the five sites, supporting coaches, managing equipment and supplies, and ensuring the overall success of the university partnership. The NEIU University Coordinator will be available to coach as needed, at their sites. Each site serves an average of 25 girls and has two coaches. This position reports to the Girls in the Game Assistant After School Program Manager.

If you are interesting in applying, please download the full NEIU Part Time University Coordinator Position Description job description and application instructions.


Part-Time Coach

Girls in the Game Elementary is an innovative citywide collaborative that uses sports and fitness, health and nutrition education and leadership and life-skills development to improve the overall physical health and emotional well-being of elementary-school girls. The 30-week program spans the entire school year, and weekly program sessions run 90 minutes in length, depending on the age group. Curriculum is structured around three-week modules, with each module incorporating a physical activity, such as basketball, soccer or creative movement; a health education topic, such as smart eating, body image, or drug and alcohol education; a life skills topic, such as sportswomanship, self-awareness and identity or peer pressure; and a key message that focuses on smart eating or physical activity.

Girls in the Game is seeking a part-time coach to do the following:

  • Assist in the instruction of the after-school and weekend programming held at multiple sites throughout the city
  • Coordinate and maintain regular communication with schools/youth centers, coaches and volunteers
  • Learn and lead the curriculum used for programming for up to 25 participants per site
  • Help to coordinate and chaperone regular weekend activities, bringing together all schools/sites
  • Attend weekly coaches’ training meetings and complete weekly progress forms
  • Participate in the evaluation of the Girls in the Game Elementary program
  • Organize and maintain program materials and equipment

If you are interesting in applying, please download the full Part-Time Coach job description and application instructions.