Help Sasha Find Her Voice

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Sasha’s Story Part 1

In September, second grader Sasha headed back to school feeling nervous for the year. Last summer she moved to a new neighborhood and a new school. During her first week at school, she rarely spoke up in class and sat quietly by herself in the lunchroom. But that Friday at lunch, a Girls in the Game coach invited Sasha to an After School program just for girls. When Sasha entered the loud gym the following week along with 29 other girls, she looked around anxiously for a familiar face.

“Welcome, Sasha! I’m so glad you came,” called her coach. “I have your nametag here and ready for you.”

Sasha picked up her nametag and joined the rest of the girls for her first day of Girls in the Game.

Girls like Sasha needs so much more than textbooks and backpacks to succeed in school; some are louder, others quieter and more hesitant. But all of them need to know that their thoughts, opinions and ideas matter. Girls in the Game gives them to tools they need to find their voice and speak with confidence to the world around them.

We need your help to send girls like Sasha to our After School program. A gift of $10 sends Sasha to one day of After School programming. A gift of $300 supports Sasha and her 29 teammates for a day of After School programming. Give today to help her discover her voice both on and off the court.

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