If you live in the Chicago area, you’re probably heard a lot about the upcoming teacher’s walkout. Wherever you stand on the issues between CPS, the Chicago Teacher’s Union and Governor Rauner, there will be thousands of working parents looking for a safe place for their children to go during normal school hours tomorrow.

Multiple Chicago Park District locations will be open for parents to drop off their children, but coming up with enough staff, stimulating activities, and supplies for the large number of new faces will be a challenge.

This is where Girls in the Game is stepping in to fill the need. Tomorrow, as parents look for babysitters, programs and other organizations able to provide care for their children, Girls in the Game will be hosting free sessions in partnership with the Chicago Park District at Douglas Park (1401 S Sacramento Dr.) and Chase Park (4701 N Ashland Ave.). Through our programs, girls in Chicago can have a blast playing sports while they learn about health and leadership.

Both parks will be open from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm to serve community youth during the day, and they’ve invited Girls in the Game coaches to help girls keep active and engaged in place of our normal After School programming that takes place at sites around Chicago.

While girls may not be able to spend the day practicing math problems, they will get a chance to learn new sports skills like how to scoop a lacrosse ball or serve a tennis ball! And while students won’t be sitting through their history lessons on Friday, girls at Douglas and Chase Parks will learn a little bit more about how to be a leader, having healthy body-image and problem solving techniques.

The Girls in the Game staff is excited to provide this opportunity to Chicago’s girls and to help them prepare to go back to school on Monday empowered and ready to learn again.