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Bingo Fit Challenge

We’re challenging you to get moving this August with our Bingo Fit Challenge! For just $20, you will receive your own bingo card filled with challenges to keep you active and healthy. Prizes will be drawn weekly, and all participants will receive exclusive access to weekly fitness classes from yoga instructors, personal trainers and more, all in support of getting girls active and moving. Let’s binGO!

Cook-Off For a Cause

This fun, team-building event is for corporate sponsors who believe in the power of girls and are passionate about making a real impact on girls in our community. Events take place at School of Food, where companies have the opportunity to participate in an Iron Chef-style competition. This event serves as a powerful team-building activity, as each individual must work in a cohesive team through effective communication, planning and leadership, to achieve their common goal.

You can fill all teams (up to three) from your own company, or you can use this space to encourage friendly competition by challenging partner companies to a Cook-Off for a Cause.