Charlotte is running a half marathon this spring to support girls through sports, health and leadership. In addition to running 13.1 miles, Charlotte has committed to raising $300 to empower girls in Chicago’s underserved communities.

Support Charlotte as she makes a difference in the lives of thousands of girls in Chicago. Every mile she runs will help another girl discover her self-confidence and learn that she can be a leader in her community.

SAMSUNGA Note from Charlotte:

“Since I discovered running over 25 years ago, it has brought me immense joy. The rewards are not just physical but also emotional and psychological. I’ve learned self discipline and self restraint. Running is my psychologist couch, and my natural high.

I wish these same rewards for every person who would like the opportunity to experience them,  which is why I have joined forces with Girls in the Game. I believe in giving every child the chance to be the best that they can be, and this program helps to teach discipline that would do just that. There is no limit to what we can be if we are disciplined enough to try.”

Charlotte’s Supporters

Charlotte Neal Duncan   $110

Charlotte has raised: $110 out of $300

You can donate by selecting an amount below, or writing-in the amount that fits your capacity. Remember to add “Charlotte’s Half Marathon” in the comments.

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