Dallas Teens


In 2018, Girls in the Game will be launching our first ever Teen Program in Baltimore at City Neighbors High School! City Neighbors High School (CNHS) is a charter school located in northeast Baltimore City. CNHS was founded in 2009 and enrolls up to 96 students per grade.

“At CNHS, our program is a progressive and innovative model that challenges students to the highest level of academic excellence and the highest level of personal and communal good to create our school. We see our students as creative, powerful and deserving of the deepest respect. We believe in each other at city neighbors. Together we are creating a school where people are Known, Loved and Inspired” -CNHS Publication.

The Teen Squad training will take place early February, and programming will begin immediately following. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to expand our programming in the Baltimore area to allow more girls across the country to grow up with Girls in the Game.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting involved with the Baltimore Teen Squad program, please contact our Expansion Manager, Katie.

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