How do we help girls grow up confident and strong? Girls face so many challenges from social media pressure to violence, from bullying to staying healthy. It’s a tough world out there for girls, and they need a place they can call their own.

At Girls in the Game After School programs, we provides a safe, positive all-girl space where girls can be themselves. Through our use of sports and fitness, health and nutrition education, and leadership development activities, girls develop the skills they need to lead confident, healthy lives. Once a week girls meet after school to participate in a 90-minute sports, health and leadership program tailored to their needs.

Beyond forming healthier habits, girls also gain in confidence and leadership skills. Our programs provide a safe space where girls can engage with the topics most important to them: positive body image, healthy relationships, what to do about bullying and so much more. Alongside their teammates and coaches, girls learn, grow and play together, building that vital confidence they need to face life’s challenges.

Girls in the Game has After School programs for elementary-age girls in Chicago, Baltimore and Bloomington.

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