Our Mission:

At Girls in the Game every girl finds her voice, discovers her strength and leads with confidence through fun and active sports, health and leadership programs.

Our Vision:

Girls in the Game empowers all girls to be gamechangers.

Meet Susie, A Girl in the Game

Hear Susie’s story, how she became a leader with Girls in the Game and how she is a gamechanger in her community!


Our Values:

We nurture the whole girl. Our programs encourage physical and emotional health and promote active minds, bodies and hearts.

We believe in the power of girls. Our all-girl space creates an openness for girls to grow and discover their strength and leadership.

We value teamwork. Through partnerships and relationships, we will create stronger, healthier communities and a positive, cooperative environment.

We aim for equity. Operating under the belief that all girls deserve opportunities to reach their full potential regardless of background or circumstances, we prioritize girls and communities that need us most.

We strive for courage. Recognizing the value in taking risks, we are gritty, brave and resourceful, resulting in better outcomes and successes.

We celebrate diversity. We are stronger as a whole team than we are as individuals and we recognize the unique contributions of all.

We aim for quality. We are thoughtful stewards, results-oriented and data-driven. Above all, we work with an ongoing awareness of the needs of girls and are tireless in our efforts to meet them.

We are vital. We boldly embrace change, respond to the needs of girls and are passionately driven towards excellence in everything we do.

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