Many children think that having a lot of friends, being the best at a sport or looking like an actor or actress are the most important things in life. And with all the challenges they face, from peer pressure to violence, from cyber bullying to the more traditional bullying, life can be hard.

What our kids really need, especially girls, is a safe, positive space to be kids. One where they can learn how to stop competing and comparing themselves to others. All so they can learn that who they are is exactly who they need to be.

Recent studies have shown that:

  • Parents of preschool and elementary children worry significantly more about bullying than teenage parents do.
  • Health problems, including weight gain and body image, are increasing.
  • Obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2014).
  • 33% of American youth are overweight or obese by third grade (Ogden, Curtin, McDowell, Tabak, & Flegal, 2005).
  • Illinois has the 9th highest percent of obese and overweight children. (Trust for America’s Health, 2011).

That’s where Girls in the Game comes in. We give girls the opportunity to speak openly about their concerns in a positive, all-girl environment. We engage in discussions about the challenges and solutions to the real-life issues they face.

Empowering girls to take ownership of their lives by being active, embracing healthy habits and acquiring the skills they need to grow up strong and confident.

  After School

The After School program uses sports and fitness, health and nutrition education, and leadership development activities to help girls form healthy habits today, for a healthier life tomorrow.

Once a week girls meet after school to participate in programs tailored to their specific needs. And through Family Nights and field trip opportunities for the whole family, Girls in the Game strives to involve parents and caregivers in our healthy lifestyle programs.

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Game Days

These one-day events provide a snapshot of what Girls in the Game is all about—bringing girls together to get them excited about health and physical activity. Girls participate in three hours of traditional and nontraditional sports and fitness activities as well as interactive workshops on health, leadership and life skills.

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Summer Programs Photo Sports and Leadership Summer Camp

We know how important it is to keep girls active when school is out. During five weeks of day and overnight camp, girls learn to play more than 30 different sports and participate in health, leadership and life-skills workshops. We provide a healthy lunch and snack each day, girls get to swim every afternoon and go on a full week of field trips!

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Triathlon- 7.26.14 Youth Triathlon Team and School Break Clinics

In the spring, girls at least 7 years old can join the Youth Triathlon Team, practicing weekly and then participating in a youth triathlon on race day at the end of the program. Girls will get to achieve a personal goal while learning the value of teamwork!

During school breaks, girls can spend their time off having fun with Girls in the Game by participating in clinics featuring different sports with guest coaches and lots of fun!

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